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Главная » 2008 » Февраль » 13 » Билл Каулитц завел блог!!!
Билл Каулитц завел блог!!!
Чего не сделаешь ради успеха в США. Билл Каулитц, который всегда ссылался на занятость и утверждал, что не имеет возможности вести дневники в Сети, завел дневник и в первом же сообщение поприветствовал фанатов из Северной Америки. Его сообщение было написано на английском языке.

Блог Билла расположен на сайте Alloy.

Сообщение Билла (в оригинале )

Good morning everyone!

My name is Bill Kaulitz, and I'm the lead singer of Tokio Hotel -– a German rock band. It's 2:30 on Thursday morning, and the band members (my twin brother Tom, Gustav, and Georg), and I just got back to our hotel in Berlin. We had a great night at a major TV award show here in Germany. We got an award for "Best Music -- National" and performed our song "1000 Meere." It was awesome! Aside from our band, there were other guests like Hillary Swank and Robert De Niro! It was an interesting experience to meet these people in person, especially after having seen so many of their movies.

It's 2:40 a.m. now, and I better get going…still have to pack my suitcase for tomorrow. We have to leave the hotel at 5:20 a.m. to get to the Berlin airport. Our destination is Montreal, Canada to play our FIRST North American show EVER on Saturday. It's pretty exciting, but scary at the same time. In the last two years, we've performed a lot all over Europe, but now we're ready to cross the Atlantic and give it our best shot there. It's a dream come true for us to be given this opportunity.

Stay tuned – I'll let you know how the first concert went. Oh god, it's ten to three now…have to go!

Take care and bye.


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